BAUX is a Swedish company that creates really stylish creative soundproof wall panels made of wool, water and cement. BAUX comes in various forms, which combined create really cool patterns, which cover entire walls and create a really awesome dynamic in any room. The wall panels are environmentally friendly, soundproof and very, very stylish.

BAUX came to us and needed help to easily categorize and filter out different patterns / colors / shapes on their new website. The possibilities are endless. Our job was to make it easy for architects and designers to find the needle in the haystack.

We created an easy-to-use interface. It all starts with sorting and exploring patterns, find different combinations you like, and thendownload all the files needed to start designing your new space.

Type: Design, Development For: BAUX Year: 2017-18 View:


Find your pattern


The Process

The first draft of the UI was to create a tabbed menu with different options. This was good, but after some A/B testing results showed that customers prefered something simpler, and back to the drawing-board we went.


We continued in our iterative process and went back and forth a couple of times until we reached something that felt simpler, yet with all the functionality needed.


Further discussions down the road and some more A/B testing showed us that we needed to make something in-between the first and second drafts. We think the results turned out pretty neat.